Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hockey Is Awesome Episode 1

If you were at Podcamp Pittsburgh 6 this weekend, then you got to see this video premier before it was published here on the page. But for the rest of you here that either couldn't attend or missed the lecture I gave, please enjoy my latest YouTube production. It took a fairly good amount of time to both produce and shoot the video. I couldn't have done it without the cooperation of my brother David of Hustlebot. Major thanks to him also.

It's a step forward as far as what I wanted to get accomplished with my youtube hockey channel. There's a lot of new tricks here so please tell me which ones you liked in the comments below as well as something else you may want to talk about.

So, who actually does have the better talent in hockey? Team USA is really catching up to Team Canada as far as holding their own in national championships and Olympic play? Do the USA players have to develop even more hockey superstar talent to be considered on par with Canada's program?
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