Wednesday, September 28, 2011

IP Address Implicates Montreal Canadians in BitTorrent Theft

The Montreal Canadians may face serious international copyright law violations after a law firm hired to find and contact people who have illegally downloaded the Oscar winning movie "The Hurt Locker".

Internet websites that provide a service to download files to their users within a network is in popular jargon called a "bittorrent". It's speedy technology of arranging the electronic information to be downloaded allows for big files like videos and long music files shared quickly and anonymously many times over within a short time period. This is how many disreputable people pirate software and Hollywood pictures without giving any monetary payment to the creators of the content.

So, in order to fight piracy, the movie studio Voltage Pictures have recently acquired the IP addresses from several Canadian communications companies. On it was several traceable numbers that could be allegedly attached to Bell Canada and computers used within the network of the NHL's Montreal Canadians.

But before those Habs-haters can start the Schadenfreude, according to the technology and legal experts, it is most likely that a large corporation will pay out fees to the studio and shield themselves with legal experts of their own.
It is highly likely that many individuals are able to obtain Internet access via, the domain from which the infringement was allegedly logged. The problematic issue of pinning an infringement to an individual on a multiple access.
So, therefore, there isn't much to the story, but having this around goes to show the dangers of granting access to employees of big companies and how much people can abuse that privilege.

[Via: TorrentFreak
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