Thursday, October 13, 2011

Philadelphia Fans Provide More Examples of Classless Behavior

As it was reported among several social media websites that Philadelphia Flyers fans had displayed another less than favorable behavior towards their arch-nemesis in Sid Crosby. But, in their fervent furor, their knee-jerk reactions to boo automatically any Crosby appearance has now collectively cost them another deep wound to the soiled reputations.

During the intermission, of the Wednesday's home opener of the Flyers game against the Vancouver Canucks, a promotional video for Hockey Fights Cancer featured several celebrity players including the aforementioned Sid Crosby. Many fans jeered and booed causing shock to the remaining decent souls in the arena that night. Instantly, it was known all around the hockey world of what Flyers fans had done. By then, it was too late.

Almost immediately there were some in the media as well as better fans of the sport who did their best to repair the damage done. Some bloggers and Flyers homers put blinders over their eyes failing to see the infraction. They tried to distract others by suggesting that the fans were booing Crosby only and not the message.

My own opinion on the fact that you cannot separate the despicable actions of the Philly subculture and the untimely moment that it occurred is truly what staples this poor sportsmanship on the Philadelphia reputation. When a anti-cancer PSA is on display, fans should suspend their own biases when a rival player is displaying some humanitarian goals. It's just basic decency.

To those Flyers fans who did their best to condemn the behaviors of the disgusting fans while marginalizing them to a smaller minority has my respect.

[Via: Philadelphia Inquirer]

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