Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome Back, Orlando Solar Bears

Courtesy: ECHL Official Website
Remember the Orlando Solar Bears? I do. They were a popular IHL team that unfortunately did not survive the league's folding in 2001. But I always held out hope that hockey would one day return to Orlando believing that Tampa Bay or Florida would want a franchise closer to home as a farm system. Or if they couldn't attract an NHL club, then perhaps they could come around in time for a flourishing SPHL.

Enter the 2011 Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL.

Their official website claims that they're "out of hibernation" as they've unveiled their new logo and jersey for the next ECHL season of 2012-13. I'm really pleased at this news and would like to wish them a welcome back into the hockey universe.
SP Apparel, an official ECHL licensee based in Granby, Quebec, Canada, designed the game jerseys. Joe Bosack Graphic Design, based in Pottsville, PA, designed the team’s logos.
The jerseys themselves are a re-designed update from their IHL logo and colors. The Polar Bear is less cartoony, but still cool enough to continue to sport the shades. The yellow sun is still very prevalent which characterizes the southern Florida temperatures. The red piping on the arms are okay as the trendy thing with the Reebok jerseys usually are.

I wouldn't mind owning one of these as I've been trying to scout eBay for an older Solar Bears jersey to add to my collection for the past year.

[Via: Official ECHL.com]
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