Tuesday, June 19, 2012

COHF Meets Miss Mandy Starling

Of all the truly remarkable people that I have encountered during my 10 year run of hockey blogging, I would have to give a recount to my blessings for having a great gal like Miss Mandy Starling in my online life. While I continue to make new friends on BlogTV, I became a fan of Mandy's shows on the popular self-broadcasting social media website. I became a regular guest chatter in the text chatroom. But once in a while, I would be invited as a co-host and most of that time be talked into doing something silly like dancing.

After a while of getting to know Mandy and talking with her live on camera, she became interested in working with me further. I spoke to her candidly, as I do with everyone. For a while now, I've felt as if she challenged me and made me feel like I wanted to be a better person. She asked me to try and lose weight, something that I'm definitely keeping seriously.

To return the favor, Miss Mandy Starling and I arranged for another show to be one where I could be a guest on her blogtv.com channel. There, I got the chance to express how excited I was during this upcoming weekend that features the 2012 Entry Draft. I know she's done some other things involving the 2011 hockey classic in Georgia, so it was a pleasure talking to her about the NHL coming to my hometown in Pittsburgh. Some of it was recorded and you can watch it via her channel.

Hockey in Pittsburgh- Broadcast your self LIVE
If I'm not on my own blogtv.com channel, you can probably find me there watching Mandy with all of the other regular guests. Come check her out at her blogtv page It's Mandy's World. Or keep up on all her other adventures through broadcasting and check out her website - Mandy Starling.
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