Wednesday, January 02, 2013

PIHL Knights vs Spartans at Penguins Pond

Even after the big event of the Winter Classic outdoor event in Pittsburgh, it seems like every year, that the city tries to re-create the same wonder and feeling of an outdoor game to celebrate the resurgence of hockey interest at the early stage levels. The Pittsburgh Penguins continue to build interest in the city with the Penguins Pond project that I blogged and did a little video about last time around. This year, I made sure to take in some more of the high school PIHL action that I missed out on last year.

So, my alma-mater Norwin was scheduled to meet up with one of their neighboring arch-rivals in Hempfield on the relocated outdoor rink. Even though it was a beautiful set-up with the city in the background, it was still sitting on the new multi-purpose athletic field set to open up later this year. It was cold. Some might even say it was way too cold to be a spectator. The outdoor rink itself was kept frozen by a large mobile refrigerator unit, but I would insist that if it were to fail, the ice wouldn't been in any danger.

The stands were all filled with snow and made the metallic floor very dangerously "slippy" (as we yinzer's like to say). But the short level of risers were dwarfed by the regular seats off into the distance where I found many other PIHL fans sitting and freezing.

I made a YouTube video along with it to highlight some of the action.
You can check out the rest of the story in the Norwin Star hosted by TribTotal Media. in the link below.

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[Via: Norwin Star

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