Thursday, May 30, 2013

Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic Eleven Years Anniversary

Well, another year has come and gone and Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic is yet another year older.

I am hoping for a whole new direction for this blog and a whole lot of participation from the fans over the summer. I'm planning at least 3 new projects for the upcoming off-season. So, please keep tabs on this website as well as the series of social media sites devoted specifically to this hockey blogging website.

As hockey blogging's pioneering website, that is exactly what I'm going to do. I've already found a new home for the live streaming. You can watch the shows as they appear in the right hand sidebar underneath the writer's bio. I don't do very many live streaming shows that much, but if you go there and subscribe to the channel, then the page will let you know via e-mail when I do go live.

Honestly, outside this blog, my life is really busy with a lot of new challenges and sometimes I can't always devote the kind of time that I want to my writing. But I'm going to seriously challenge myself to get things going again here this year.

Let me know what kind of content you would like to see me attach to this blog in the future by leaving a comment or two. Maybe I can find some more creativity when it is more reader-driven than author-driven.

So, Eleven years of doing this and I'm not going to stop - ever. Things may slow down a bit, but I'll always enjoy this, my one true foray into expressing my love and appreciation for hockey.
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