Monday, August 05, 2013

Better Dead Than Red

Earlier in the year, I had made a bet with a devout Detroit Red Wings fan. I tried making it very clear to her that I don't agree with the way that the Red Wings run their franchise. Eventually, it's going to catch up with them and they are going to have to rebuild with younger players and stop collecting all the "past-their-prime" free agents.

So, I left a comment saying that I was so sure that this lockout shortened year of 2013 was the year that the Red Wings were going to end their playoff streak. But on the slight chance that they DID make the playoffs, I would have to find a Red Wings jersey and appear on camera wearing it.

Now, this would certainly be a truly embarrassing thing for me to do considering how much of a devoted Pittsburgh Penguins fan I am. So, check out this latest edition of the Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic youtube video. If you would like to see them first before they get published here on blog, then please subscribe to the youtube channel.
I've certainly learned my lesson about making bets that maybe turn into "sucker bets".

Maybe next year will be the year Red Wings fans revolt and start to realize that their team is just a "graveyard" where careers go to die.
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