Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic Takes on NHL Deadline Day 2014

What always feels like a great big national holiday, the NHL trade deadline is met with a lot of hype and anticipation from every hockey fan in North America. Any trade could make or break a team. In my opinion, the cascading result is going to focus onto some of the teams that are on the bubble (just out of the playoffs looking for a boost back in the playoff hunt). Toronto, Detroit, Minnesota, Dallas,.. I'm looking to each team to make a blockbuster deal at the 3pm.

As Penguins fans now know through learning the hard way, the way to build a championship team is through avoiding messing with team chemistry. They have been mentioned a couple of times linked with several

Let's take a look at the trades that have led up to this trading deadline thus far:

To the Florida Panthers goes goaltender Roberto Luongo (aka "strombone" for his twitter handle) for young prospect Markstrom.

To the St. Louis Blues goaltender Ryan Miller and Steve Ott for goaltender Jaro Halak and...

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