Saturday, December 13, 2014

Project For Awesome 2014 - USA Hockey Foundation "It Starts With A Stick"

For this giving season's featured charity video in the ongoing project #P4A Project for Awesome, I wanted to call to attention a little funding project initiative for USA Hockey. Their latest program to grow the game of hockey to future generations of kids as well as needier kids is called "It Starts with A Stick". Click on the links at the Project for Awesome 2014 page and the the official USA Hockey Foundation page can take you to a donation page. 
The USA Hockey Foundation’s goal is to get 12,000 sticks into the hands of the next generation of hockey stars during February’s Hockey Weekend Across America.

To do this, and to provide an opportunity for thousands of kids to fall in love with the game, we need to raise $150,000 in the month of December.
I, of course, have given several times to the project as a gift donation in my friends names. You can check out the video featured right here. Even though I don't really get into the specifics of the plan in the video - you can see them here in the blog.

Unfortunately, there is no PayPal link to help people who aren't as adept at giving credit card numbers or those who want the extra security that PayPal provides. I'll have to let them know in future projects.

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