Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sabres and Jets Starts The Trade Season

The Buffalo Sabres attempts at earning the number one overall pick became even more obvious and the Winnipeg Jets have found the solution to the Evander Kane distraction by arriving at a stunning trade in anticipation of the NHL Trade deadline season. It's sure to provide talk for days as the hockey world of analysts have been discussing the back story and setting up the drama. Kane wanted out of Manitoba and the Sabres wanted to get even worse than they are this year.
To Jets:
  1. Tyler Myers
  2. Drew Stafford
  3. Joel Armia
  4. Brendan Lemieux
  5. (Draft Pick)
To Sabres:
  1. Zach Bogosian
  2. Evander Kane
  3. Jason Kasdorf

The Winnipeg Jets have made the better of the deal as it stands right now. They've gobbled up two of the highly sought after defencemen before any other contending team has. Myers, having the potential to grow into the spotlight as one of the biggest defencemen after Chara, brings the Jets to a playoff push. They've currently fought for the 1st wild card position and increasing their defence with both Myers and forward Stafford. It gives them more depth on the roster and continues the turnover from the remaining Thrashers roster. The prospects work great to again add depth to the Jets minor league development system.

Now, Evander Kane is the other side of the coin and it's the part that gets the most attention - mainly because the drama surrounding the Kane career in Winnipeg. When Kane isn't on his social media accounts doing push-ups with stacks of cash on his back or suffering one injury after another (or also allegedly hiding more recent injuries), being late to team meetings and subsequently hazed by his teammates, or allegedly skipping out on dinner tabs, It was a clear thing that the controversial player had worn out his welcome and become a distraction to the Jets. It's almost like a karmic sense of justice that he goes to the worst team (statistically) in the NHL and forced to watch them from the press box. Kane does have scoring talent with 109 goals and 113 assists in 361 games.

On a side note, the Sabres had also made a deal to toss their goalie Jhonas Enroth to Dallas for Anders Lindback. It doesn't seem like this is that big of a deal other than Lindback has the edge as a big body listed as 6ft 6in. tall.
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