Friday, June 26, 2015

Taylor Hall Warns Incoming Teammate Via Twitter

In all the pomp and circumstance of the traditional NHL entry draft broadcast, a little bit of news got under the radar of some of the hockey writers, bloggers and other shows. It was wall-to-wall talk of Connor McDavid and just how things would play out after he was the presumptive #1 overall consensus choice.

They're no strangers to building a hall-of-fame riddled Stanley Cup winning dynasty before in the 1980s, it looks like this roster will contain a few more stars that could pan out in the same way. I bet this is what they are thinking. 

This is now the ticking clock of doom to the Oilers franchise. What I find wrong with this scenario is that the Edmonton Oilers have been stocking up on #1 overall draft picks for the past 5 years. In today's salary cap league, it has been known to give a "casualty" to teams trying to keep all of their stars on the same roster happy. A few players drafted within the top 5 for the last 5 years or more have already been traded to a new team. Once the rookie contracts expire, they are set to negotiate a higher salary commensurate to their production.

Via Twitter
Taylor Hall actually lets the cat out of the bag here in this tweet that was re-tweeted 3,000+ times and no one on the NHL Network or Rogers media affiliated stations this day. Completely glossed over.

How are we to interpret the Taylor Hall tweet. Sure, reading text on a computer is open to the reader's context, but I personally can not see any other intention as the sentence was constructed. This is a hostile and cold response to his team drafting Connor McDavid.

Questions still remain on this tweet. Is Taylor Hall expected to be pushed asside for the attention that McDavid will surely garnish? Will McDavid be quickly given the "A" or even "C" during his time in Alberta? Just whom will McDavid push out of room on the salary capped roster?
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