Saturday, October 24, 2015

Weighing in on the Columbus Blue Jackets Hiring of Tortorella

Yes, you see that right. John Tortorella is back in the NHL with a new team - the Columbus Blue Jackets. Often taken in critical remarks as a controversial hockey personality, "Torts" will certainly bring about some change in order to salvage the season. A miserable 0-7 start is already starting to erode the fan base that started to gather from the 12-0 finish last season and playoff appearance. This is what I think will most certainly be the key to turning the franchise around into something resembling an NHL franchise for the rest of the 75 games or-so remaining.

The Pros:
  1. He's worked with Brandon Dubinsky before in New York. Certainly, he's at least found someone to work with and buy into his coaching system. And with that, he can start to kindle more leadership with Dubinsky and by extension more confidence in the rest of the players.
  2. Saad, a newly acquired player, is used to the edgy coaching style as he'd seen in Chicago. His skills are comparable to some of the other greats that Torts has coached in the past. They need production from Saad to grow the team around his future potential.
  3. As stated before, Coach Torts is a highly controversial personality with a history of colorful remarks during press conferences. This circus act can serve as a smoke screen, if Torts and the BJ's are up to it, the more the press focuses on Torts in the spotlight, the less lack-of-victories coverage gets talked about in the media.
  4. Torts has an ability to build teams up and sometimes gets them to overachieve with gritty defensive style. He's taken two teams to the Cup finals and preparing a third. He works well with what he's given.
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