Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Game of the Week Season 3: Minnesota Wild vs Philadelphia Flyers

Well, this week I decided to put two teams that I don't normally use in this week's Game of the Week. They don't meet each other much in the regular season, but the Wild and Flyers seem like a good match up where the Broad St. Bullies may be able to slow down the Wild's momentum in real life? Could a simulated scenario work just the same?

I was intrigued by the way Coach Boudreau would help out a team that was building something special with a bunch of key free agent signings. Did they get everything to gel?

In Philly, I don't know if they are going to say they are in a rebuilding process. They are clearly middling with an underachieving roster and a young coach that doesn't get people that excited about the process. Should the Philly community "trust the process" with the team?
So, how did I do? Are you satisfied with this series? Are there two other teams that need featured in this Game of the Week series? Please tell me in the comments section below!
Do I need to use more junior teams or feature more teams from Europe? I don't quite know what you want from this series yet.

I don't think I do enough higher stakes games on the series. Perhaps I will do a Stanley Cup game between two random teams? So, make your predictions soon! What two teams will we see in the Stanley Cup finals this year? Pittsburgh versus Chicago?

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