Thursday, August 22, 2002

Penguins Unveil New Home Uniforms

Well, the Penguins have finally unveiled the new home jersey to match their now away jersey. They wanted to throw away their old jerseys to which I am very upset that they are doing. Now, I have their "secondary logo" jerseys with my name and number on them that are now old and out of style. I wish they could keep using their jerseys they used last year, but the change was necessary. I don't think anything was wrong with the last ones, certainly, just because the team changes uniforms doesn't exactly make them Stanley Cup contenders. I will probably cave and go out to buy one once I have the money. I read up on the teams web page that some of the other fans think that changing the uniforms will instantly make us better. Those idiots!! Clothes don't make the man.. or in this case a hockey player! Now I have a closet full of penguins jerseys that I cannot wear as much with my name and #21 on them!
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