Sunday, August 18, 2002

Stratusfaction Garunteed!

This morning I want to talk about a young woman who I know is a big hockey fan. She loves hockey about as much as her Canadian herritage. Because of her, I have come to respect the Maple Leafs- her hometown team. You might have already seen Trish Stratus on many Fitness Magazine covers, on TSN Cable TV, or here in America as a WWE Superstar! She also was voted as 2001 Babe of the Year.
To say I have a crush on Trish would be an understatement. Her energetic personality shines through every Monday Night on WWE Raw as her stunts, interviews, and gorgeous body entertain me along with the rest of her fans. All the photos that I do collect of her, Trish appears in my favorite in an oversized hockey black and white game sweater sponsored by the NHLPA. I will post it up on here sometime soon. On a recent WWE Confidential program, she gave a tour of her home while showing off her action figure collection of Mats Sundin and Curtis Joseph.

I dedicate this blog journal entry to my "hockey hunny"... TRISH STRATUS!

Then, Trish is not the only hockey fan in the WWE! Former champion, Chris Jericho a native of Winnepeg, had his dad play professionally for the NY Rangers. Chris also is active playing in celebrity hockey games.
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