Tuesday, November 05, 2002

NHL All-Star Ballot

Most Americans would like to take one of our rights seriously. Especially those rights dealing with censorship. Sometimes, we take those rights for granted. I would like to remind you all that it is important in a democracy that people vote. It's how decisions are made that affect your lives!

That being said, please go vote at the NHL.com page to vote for your favorite NHL all-stars to compete later this season in the 53rd annual All Star game in Miami, Florida on February 3rd, 2003!

I am glad that they have finally dumped their North American vs. The World format for the more traditional East vs. West Conference. For a Pittsburgh fan like me, it's hard to pick which all star team to root for because most of the Penguins all-stars are European. That would take away the attention of my home country and players for North America. At least this way, I know to personally cheer for the Eastern Conference! In my opinion, I think they should save the America vs the World format every four years when the Olympics are played.
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