Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Rival Radio Station turns to Hockey on ESPN

Okay.. I'm torn.

On a mission to the College [Chinese] Buffet to feed a friend and I during late night working at WRSC studios... I was listening to our competitors in my car... just to spy and see what they were up to. While a commercial spot was running, they aired a local promo for ESPN Radio saying that they are the home for next Sunday's NHL all star games and games for the rest of the season. So, you know how much I love the game of hockey, but can it overcome my guilty feeling to listen to my competitors? If Nielson calls, I won't be eligible so I guess me listening doesn't count!

Tonight also marks the NHL debut of Konstantin Koltzov, the Belarussian player that they drafted in the first round in 1999 and had trouble signing. He spent most of the year in Scranton minors.

Also, I learned today that my hero Mario Lemieux would not play in the All-Star game because of a lingering groin injury.
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