Sunday, February 02, 2003

Well, the NHL All-Star weekend is upon us!

Yesterday was the skills competition. I had stayed up late to see the replay on ESPN last night. I was really impressed with the Young Stars or Rookie All-Star game. Although there was only two names I actually recognized, the speed of these players coasting up and down the ice was amazing. Of course, the idea of a running clock probably had them in a "hurry-up" offense too!

The Skills competition by the other veteran all stars was not too bad. The Western Division won 15-8 I believe. The most impressive thing was seeing Martin St. Louis stretch out and beat one of the faster stars in the NHL, Teemu Selane in a puck-control relay race. The objective was a full sprint down the length of the ice and then weaving back through maintaining control of a puck. I have to be glad for Marian Gaborik who turned out to be the fastest skater with the quickest lap time. The oddest thing, and probably overlooked, was that the Toronto Maple Leafs were not represented. Ed Belfour and Mats Sundin were both selected to go, but had to bow out at the end. They didn't bother to replace them with another teammate. I guess it was an oversight.

If the Penn State Wrestling doesn't go overtime, I may just make the beggining of the All-Star Game that starts at 2:30 PM Eastern time on ABC. Be sure to read here what I thought about the whole show either later tonight or tomorrow evening.
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