Sunday, May 25, 2003

Stanley Cup Finals Prediction

In my last installment to the Stanley Cup predictions, here is how I think the teams match up.

Stanley Cup Finals
New Jersey Devils vs. Mighty Ducks of Anahem
This series might not be the match-up that will bring in all kinds of interest continent wide, (especially in Canada when they get pissed off when an American team wins the Cup) when neither team are among the elite franchises in the league. The Mighty Ducks, a Disney company/team, are in their first Stanley Cup finals ever. They sport Paul Karyia as their team captain and best player. They also have a few former Devils on the team having worked a few trades at the deadline and in the previous off-season. Peter Sykora looks to get his third championship ring as a member of the Ducks. The Ducks have to battle the iddleness waiting 11 days for the Eastern Conference to finish up. J.S. Giguere, the phenom goaltender, hopes that he could carry them though one more series.The Devils are a determined crew of hard hitting defensive minded franchise. Scott Stevens is their Captain and team leader. This defenceman leads with his shoulder. They've been able to win the Stanley Cup twice in their history.However, Pat Burns, their coach, has never been able to win it coaching other teams. The Devils have a star goaltender that can take control of the game and shut an opposing team down. Martin Brodeur will be huge in this series. It will be a series of which goaltender can be better.Prediction: Devils in 6