Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Roy Retires & Other Goalie News

Earlier today, "St." Patrick Roy announced his retirement from the NHL after an 18 year career.

Regarded as thee best goaltender in the history of pro hockey, he owns many NHL records including most wins. He also holds 3 Stanley Cup rings he won with Montreal and Colorado. The French Canadian was highly criticized for his departure in Montreal after a contract dispute with owners. He then went on to rival organization Quebec/Denver and won two Stanley Cups with them. Oh, yea, he also assaulted his wife after a temper tantrum that included ripping a closet door off it's hinges.

After one full year of Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic I began talking about Patrick Roy. Fitting that I now post about him one year later.

In other goalie news, the scapegoat of Flyers fans, Roman Cechmanek was traded to the L.A. Kings for a second round draft pick. Poor Felix Potvin, looks like he's on the move again from L.A. Potvin was in Toronto and was outplayed by Curtis Joseph and in Vancouver wore out his welcome. No word yet if Felix "the cat" will accept a backup or a pack up role.
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