Sunday, June 08, 2003

Brother vs. Brother in Stanley Cup Matchup

hmmm.. Somehow I overlooked the Civil War brewing among this Stanley Cup series. If you are not sure still of who to root for in the Finals, just ask Mr. and Mrs. Niedermayer.

Traded to the Mighty Ducks at the trading deadline this past season, Rob Niedermayer has enjoyed his first trip to the Finals. His older brother Scott has been a mainstay for the New Jersey Devils defence. He's already got two rings.

I guess they must have some additional motivation for the series. I have a brother and if these guys were as half as competitive as my brother and I, they want to win the Stanley Cup badly.

Rob and Scott aren't the only brothers to play in the NHL. Eric and Brett Lindros, Wayne and Keith Primeau, and Peter and Antonin Stasny are some of the better known Family legacy names.