Friday, June 27, 2003

Updates When Confessions Was on Hiatus

Besides covering my favorite teams here, I think I should mention a few news-worthy items for the rest of the league happening since Blogger was converting my account to the upgraded version.

1. Dominick Hasek wanted to go out a champion and retire to spend more time with his family in the Czech Republic. After a year, Hasek has considered a return to the Red Wings. I guess he sat at home and watched the team leave the playoffs after 4 game sweep made him wonder.

2. Bondra and Halpern have decided to go down with the ship re-signing with the one team that seems to always be going nowhere. The Washington Capitals exercised their contract options on their players.

3. Toronto GM/Coach is now just a coach. Pat Burns demoted himself as a part of the upper management to the club. President and one heck of a former NHL goalie Ken Dryden also stepped down as team president. No word was said to when the positions would be replaced. (Gentlemen, get your resumes ready!)

4. "Mr. Candice Cameron" was picked up by his former team he was traded from at last years deadline. Valeri Bure was released by the St. Louis Blues and picked up by the Florida Panthers solidifying the idea that the NHL trading deadline is the "rent a player for the playoffs" sweepstakes.
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