Saturday, February 28, 2004

Cross Promotional Success!!

Imagine my surprise when I go to check the rounds of my favorite web pages, that Kelly The Patriette has again linked my Hockey Blog to her latest entry.
She sounded off on her opinions of the battle of the sexes which included talking about women and hockey. (for sure, two of my favorite things) Here's and excerpt on what she had to say on her page. It's good stuff!
Whew. I'm not a big fan of seeing women go into most men's-only sports or men going into women's-only sports (yay for the differences between men and women), but I used to play ice hockey... And I played because I love the sport - I loved the speed and cold air and the strategy involved in moving the puck across the ice... I played because it was fun.
Read all of the post Patriette TrackBack Link here! If you want some insight to some Current Events news from a great gal, please support her cause!
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