Monday, March 01, 2004

Trade Rumors are What the Doctor Ordered!

Well... the NHL Trade Deadline is coming up on March 9th and people are talking about the teams that may get geared up for this upcomming post season dance.

According to my friends at the NHL Network, trusted source - Bob McKenzie, says that Atlanta Thrashers goalie Byron Dafoe is rumored to be traded to the Maple Leafs.

This would be an incredibly stupid move for the "Leaves" since they have proven already stocked in the goaltender dept. despite "Unstable Eddie" future with a back sprain. Of course, the well-traveled veteran Dafoe is under some questionable scrutiny. He recently got hurt and embarrassed for slipping on the ice outside his hotel not too long ago. As a hockey player, you'd think he'd be able to traverse the ice! Dafoe even got attention from Paul Harvey's commentary by focusing on his ironic mishap.
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