Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Free The Todd!!

I have to way in on more of the media coverage to the Bertuzzi-Moore incident. I laughed my ass off at the post that Joe Taska has up recently at his Hockey commentary blog. I suppose I should credit the original source as Sally Jenkins from the Washington Post
Real hockey people wear "Free Bert" T-shirts, like those fans in Vancouver who rallied in support of Bertuzzi over the weekend, led by rally organizer Sean Carl. According to Carl, who is a real hockey guy, Bertuzzi is being persecuted and Moore's injuries have been exaggerated by the Colorado Avalanche.

I do think that Bertuzzi does deserve a little support in all of this. He's still a human being and shouldn't be villified to the point that we'll be running commericals on the TV comparing Bertuzzi to Hussein.
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