Sunday, March 14, 2004

Penguins enter Rivalry Week

Okay, so I'm definitely enjoying watching the Pittsburgh Penguins! They have a stretch run of rivalry games in the schedule. So far, they've played up to their competition. Bob Errey (the Pens commentator) has mentioned that they played that way against "non-playoff teams"

This afternoon they had the dreaded Philadelphia Flyers. They gave a tough attempt, but could only keep the tie. 3-3. Tuesday, the Pens play the "new look" (translation = salary-dumped) Capitals at the Mellon Arena. Here's the rest of the Pens "rivalry stretch" schedule.

March 7 @ Rangers
March 9 Stars
March 11 @ Maple Leafs
March 14 Flyers
March 16 Capitals
March 17 @ Devils
March 19 Hurricanes
March 21 Rangers
March 23 @ Rangers
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