Friday, April 30, 2004

Coach Cherry on the Outs in Canada and CBC?

Following up on the controversial issues surrounding the CBC and their segment "Coaches Corner" I've compared two Toronto newspapers Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun talking about what to do about the controversial host, Don Cherry.

It seems as if Cherry will no longer be a part of the traditional Hockey Night in Canada on the government owned CBC.

However, if their government were at all interested in listening to their citizens and believed in free speech, they'd cite this online poll from Slam! Sports:

After 12,000 votes on Slam! Sports 60% said keep him.

Globe and Mail of Toronto (the guys that do the TSN stuff) offers a poll of their own:

If Don Cherry leaves the CBC, will you miss him?
No 12752 votes (51 %)
Yes 12348 votes (49 %)
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