Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Strange Bedfellows

Yes.. you saw correctly!

Union President Bob Goodenow and NHL Commissioner Garry Bettman sitting together in Torono's Air Canada Centre to watch the playoff game Maple Leafs v. Flyers. They were initially there to re-establish talks to extend the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

ESPN's cameras picked it up and I'm guessing that CBC and TSN picked it up as well.

The Flyers got their asses beat tonight against the Leafs. I think the few days off from the series, plus getting out of that shit hole called Wachovia Center helped big time. The "Leafs Nation" were all there in Full force today waving their banners, towels, and stuff. Melrose on NHL 2night said that the Leafs always play with heart and desire. I believe him now for sure!
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