Wednesday, May 26, 2004

AHL Playoffs Tainted??

It takes a well-trained journalist to spot a fake. Pittsburgh Sports Writer Bob Smizik got himself in hot water today with a column article that he wrote for my hometown Pittsburgh Post Gazette. You can read it if you want at this link Pittsburgh Post Gazette & Smizik.
I must admit that I to was sucked in initially to Smizik's opinion, but giving it a little bit more thought, it's clear that all he wants to do is attract attention to himself driving up his readership.

(apparently it worked)

In the article, Bob Smizik attempts to criticize the way the playoff rosters are set up for the American Hockey League. He claims that had the Flyers not gone deep into the NHL playoffs, then they too could have loaned their NHL players to the Phantoms and the Baby Pens of Scranton could not have advanced as easily as they did.
The truth of the matter is, Bob, if you don't like the way the final rosters are set up for the playoffs and how they are played simultaneously to the NHL playoffs, DON'T tear down what this Penguins organization has worked so hard for. Don't point the finger at them. They play by the AHL rules.
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