Monday, May 10, 2004

Hockey Fiction Website

I got this email from "the Hockey Mistress" not too long ago. She wanted me to check out her website dedicated to Hockey Fiction... but with a twist. It's Hockey Erotic fiction.

If you're bored and need a hockey fix of a different kind, I'll link over to the website Hockey Erotica.

I haven't gotten a chance to read some of the featured fiction yet, but I'll enjoy reading about women who love hockey and it's players.

The author(ess) claims she's not a "puck bunny" but I'll let you judge for yourselves. The bio claims she's a So-Cal Gal and got turned on to it via "at the Pond" (She's a Mighty Ducks fan apparently) Be warned though, the content is intended for an adult audience.

Perhaps I'll try and submit my Hockey Fiction short story to her soon. I wonder if she'll publish it.
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