Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ken Dryden a Liberal?

With thanks to, they have passed on the information that TSN reports that legendary NHL goalie and current Maple Leafs president Ken Dryden will represent Toronto and the Liberal Party in the Canadian parliament.

I guess Canadians have caught on to the trend of putting famous people into politics. Jesse Ventura, Steve Largent, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are just a few of the American names who have or had held public office.

I guess it is all about popularity and name recognition in politics.

On a related Maple Leafs note, the team's official site said yesterday in bold print that MOJO radio have renewed their contract to air Leafs games for another 7 seasons. However, they had a picture of Brian Leetch next to the write up with the caption "Brian Leetch will be back next year for the Leafs". Based on what? Leetch has nothing to do with the MOJO story. At first glance I was even misled to believe that Leetch signed for 7 more seasons.

Just an example of poor journalism on their part.
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