Friday, May 14, 2004

Maple Leaf Gardens Saved?

With thanks to Reuters news service, it must be bittersweet news to all hockey fans living in Toronto, Canada today.
TORONTO-Billionaire Eugene Melnyk, founder and chief executive of Biovail Corp., Canada's largest publicly traded drug company, said on Friday he wants to stop a rival bidder for Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens.
The aforementioned rival bidder was Loblaws, Canada's biggest retail grocer. They wanted to create a large grocery store with an indoor parking garage. Mr. Melnyk wants to rescue Maple Leaf Gardens and turn the legendary building into a hockey shrine and feature junior teams.

Ottawa gets the last laugh though... Mr. Melnyk was the billionaire who rescued the Ottawa Senators from bankrupsy - Toronto Maple Leafs NHL and hated Providencial rivals.
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