Friday, June 18, 2004

Hockey Fans in Sports-Entertainment?

While surfing the web this afternoon, I came upon a article on the World Wrestling Entertainment website that breaks from their own storyline and interview several of their well-known Canadian stars and ask them about how important it was for Calgary to be in the Stanley Cup finals this year.
Lance Storm, a Calgary native, shared some of the feelings that Canada had for their representative team.
"You just can't go anywhere. Every business has 'Go Flames Go' up on their billboards and their signs. At my daughter's school, there are several classes that are completely done up in red."

Of course, "m'girl" Trish Stratus is a hockey fan and showed her support of the Flames, despite being from the Toronto, Ontario providence and seen in ads modeling the Leafs jersey.
"It's just a national pride thing," Trish Stratus said. "Hockey is Canada's game. To bring the Cup home to Canada is where we feel it rightfully belongs."
Stratus, born and bred in Toronto and a fan of the city's Maple Leafs, was rooting for the Leafs. Like many (or most) Canadians, she jumped on the Flames' bandwagon once her team was eliminated from the playoffs. "But as a Canadian I'm allowed to," she said.

Also, Christian, another Toronto native brought up this interesting point to the article linked above.
Christian adds, however, that the Flames vs. Lightning series wasn't as simple as 'U.S. vs. Canada'. "It's funny because there are more Canadians on Tampa Bay than there are on Calgary," he said.
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