Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Baring it all for "Slapshot" Movie Tribute

The cable channel E! Network is no stranger to T&A television, so this new TV show Scream Play should be no surprise as what to expect. This obvious "Fear Factor" rip-off, suddenly got my attention as the opening stunt featured a tie-in to a hockey movie.

One of the competitors named the 1977 movie "Slapshot" as his favorite movie of all time. So, the makers of the Scream Play program thought it wise to recreate the scene where a player in the movie strips off his uniform to help his teammates score a goal during the distraction. Scream Play thought they could close off a rink and shoot a stunt where 3 teams of 2 players played broom-ball in the buff! The winner would spend a weeks vacation in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

That's right. Naked Hockey.

The female to male ratio was 4-2, so you know it had my attention. The game started at center ice, the two players pulled off their jerseys and proceeded to knock their balls into the goal as quickly as possible. Standing on street shoes and not on skates, the danger was hoping that no one fell hurting a boob or something.
The host did the play-by-play and obviously did not see the movie. He tried citing "Oggie's" name a few times just to get the tie in along with any other random name/movie reference he could. He was a tool.

I don't know if I would've done it, I don't have the kind of body to be an exhibitionist like those players on TV. From what I could tell through the pixilation blur, I liked the one contestant's back tattoo.
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