Saturday, July 24, 2004

Penguins Message Board Roller Hockey Game

Today, I played with some of my fellow Pittsburgh Penguins fans in a roller hockey game at Bladerunners in Harmarville, PA. I had a great time with memories that will last a lifetime.
One of the things in my life that really I wish I had more of, it's friends who enjoy the kind of things I do. I used to skate with my brother and some friends in the neighborhood, but that only lasted one summer back in High School. I played some in college, but that was only a couple of times too.
As it turned out, Bladerunners was behind this grocery store that I drove by all the time on the way to my brother's current apartment.
The game itself was awesome. We had a good turn out at Bladerunners. But when I got to the door, I was surprised at the idea that it cost money to play. Okay, so I was out $10.
I gave it my best shot. However, there were people there with better speed and skill than I, so after about an hour. Nobody would pass me the puck. So, I did the "sensible" thing and volunteered myself for goaltender. (For some reason, the other goaltender couldn't make it. So, without any pads, I did my best stopping shot after shot.)
The Message Board said I was crazy others said I was courageous, but I didn't care what they thought.
Afterwards, we all went to the local Primanti's for a bite.
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