Saturday, August 21, 2004

New Website Calls for Hockey Photo Journalism

After getting a promotional email a while back from the website, I finally decided to check out Hockey Photo Project and see just what was going on over there.

The Hockey Photo Project is a website dedicated to displaying, collecting, trading, and commenting on photos "taken by hockey fans for hockey fans". It's an interesting endeavor knowing that hockey has become more and more of a niche sport. It will be interesting just how much of a response the web site gets from the fans and how long will it last.

The photos on Hockey Photo Project are organized by League, fans, cheerleaders and miscellaneous. They even provide sections for older photos of teams that may be defunct. I like the organization to the site as it's categories makes you feel like it's some sort of archive or library. Wait 'till the guys at the Hall of Fame see it.

I think I have a few photos on my digital camera that I have to figure out on how to download them to my laptop. So, I do have a few contributions to the cause.
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