Thursday, August 19, 2004

Minnesota U. Womens Team Gets New Ice Rink

With my thanks to the newest Minnesota citizen, The Patriette I would like to talk a little bit about the Golden Gophers Womens Ice Hockey team.

The Patriette reports that they are building a new $7(US) million dollar facility on the grounds of the University of Minnesota just so that the Womens team has some place to call their own and not have to share with the mens team, I guess.

Here's a jpeg article from some unidentified newspaper. JPEG Article.

Of course, Minnesota is the only state that I would see that would actually do this for a women's athletic team. Hockey in that state is like a practical religion.
"The state has given significant dollars over the last two (legislative) sessions to promote women's ice hockey," says men's Athletic Coordinator, Mark Dienhart. "They've taken the initiative to provide a boost to gender equity"
I thought Title IX was supposed to do that.

Anyway, congrats to the developing accomplishments to the U. of Minnesota team. I understand how hard it is for womens athletics to work so hard for little or no recognition or reward.
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