Thursday, August 19, 2004

San Jose Gets Shark Bitten

Honestly, I didn't think that the San Jose Sharks would survive after losing one of the best players they've ever had in Teemu Selane, but the Sharks this past season rose to the top under the management of Ron Wilson. They'll be back again next year of course, they'll find a way to win.

As the balance of power shifts from the Detroit's and Colorado's of the Western Conference, it makes me wonder just which San Jose team will show up this upcoming season. The Sharks again have lost two more of their stars... namely their first and second starting Centers. Mike Ricci signed a free agent deal with Phoenix, Brown (acquired at the trade deadline last season) went to the Blackhawks, and now Vincent Damphousse, the former captain of the Sharks franchise, signed with Colorado.

San Jose did however re-sign their #1 goalie Nabokov, but the fun won't last very long when there are no scorers in front of him. I suppose the Sharks feel that their young stars are ready to step up and play.
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