Monday, August 23, 2004

NHLFA - Voice of Reason?

The NHL Fans' Association has a solution. We propose that the NHL and NHLPA consent this week, in Ottawa, to enter into an agreement that helps resolve this conflict through a Mediation-Arbitration process. This would ensure that the new CBA is completed before the start of the season. A third party mediator/arbitrator would be fair to both parties and would demonstrate a willingness on your part to achieve a new Agreement.

The above italicized text is a excerpt from a public letter addressed to the NHL HQ and to the NHLPA from the union of fans in the NHLFA, signed by their president Jim Boone. If you want to read the entire letter, click on the link.

I don't know if it's the cold medicine, but after reading this, it is the best idea I have seen since following the CBA Saga. The NHLFA, to which I am a member, have so far tried in vain to get the two sides to make peace and with this latest effort.

The NHLFA needs to "punch it up a step" and start sponsoring "swift boat" advertisements. They have to start finding ex-NHLers who are willing to go on record and talk all kinds of *bleep* on Bob Goodenow. Surely, they can speak out on how the NHLPA position undermines the future of hockey in North America. They can write a tell-all book entitled "Unfit to Tie His Skates".

(Ammendium: To my Canadian fans who may not know, a "swift boat ad" are these commercials sponsored by Vietnam Vets who disapprove of John Kerry's side of the story)
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