Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Canada Wins World Cup!

The 2004 World Cup Finals were played tonight and I watched it all live on ESPN. It was being billed as "the last chance to see hockey before the lock out". It looks like they could be right.

I was glad that Team Finland stood up to Team Juggernaut Canada as best they could. However, their best just wasn't good enough. Finland (or Suomi) I think was the best "team" in the tournament. They used all of their firepower from Selane, Koivu, and Rutuu. They even had the efforts of Mikka "Kipper" Kiprusoff in goal (somewhat) fresh off of the Flames Stanley Cup finals run. Finland seemed to be winning the psychological battles in that they too were deemed to "roll over" for Juggernaut Canada. Even in "Bristol Studios", the Canadian loyalists were surprised at how Team Finland was still in it.

Speaking of ESPN studios, they all were "concerned" about any "midnight miracles" that might save all their jobs. ESPN's Gary Thorne tried to wear two hats between journalist and mediator. He almost came out with a last reasonable plea to both sides to lay down their differences and save the game for the fans. His usual broadcast partner, Bill Clement, even took his lips off of the collective Flyer/Avs butts to repeat... "We're sorry, We're SO sorry!"

Of course, Barry Melrose, in the ESPN studios between periods was seen dressed in all black. You'd think he'd be happy over the Team Canada win, but he was as somber as you'd expect. "I'm going to a funeral," responded Melrose. He was in mourning over the impending loss of hockey dressed in an all black suit and tie.

Back in Toronto, Canada, the undefeated Canadians held aloft their "crystal vase" called the World Cup. Supposedly, it was re-designed with a new look. I'm happy for Mario Lemieux. Maybe he'll lift anthoer Cup over his head one more time.
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