Sunday, September 05, 2004

Hull doesn't *bleeping* care what you think...

In this TSN Article, the report is that Brett Hull is upset with his status as a bench warmer.

Of course, Hull is no spring chicken and this will likely be his last international competition. He probably wanted to go out in style and have fun, but instead finding himself benched for the win over Slovakia and most likely benched for the next World Cup tournament game.

I dunno who wrote the article, but... perhaps they were talking about his entire international team career and not just this tournament. This article was certainly writen to gain Hull's sympathy.

The article goes on to describe a confrontation with reporters outside the X-cell Energy Center in Minnesota. He decided to storm out of practice and threw a couple of curse words at the press and fans.
"Got a minute to talk to reporters, Brett?" Hull was asked in a corridor outside the dressing room. "What would I have to talk about?" he replied. "Fans want to know how you're doing," said the reporter. "I don't give a (deleted) about the fans anymore," said Hull.
Ooooooh. He's pissed.
[team USA] for whom he's performed beyond the call of duty.
If he were truly doing that, then he wouldn't be benched. It's put up or shut up, Hull. There are people in this league who would metaphorically kill for what Hull seems to think he's entitled.
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