Tuesday, September 07, 2004

USA and Czech Rep. win when it counts

I watched the rematch of USA v. Russia in X-cell Energy Center. This time, it's do or die. The single elimination tournament has begun and the faces of the players change. They keep their eye on what they want.. and that's the World Cup.

Team USA looked a lot different than the one that played Russia earlier last week. Right off the bat, ESPN gave the stat that the team who scored the first goal almost always won the game (okay.. the 4-4 Fins v. Swedes tie kinda screwed things up a bit)

If you go read hockey fan girl's site, poor Presea didn't want Keith Tkachuk to do well... and if I recall.. she was glad the USA team lost the first time around because of Tkachuk.

The Russians gave a brave front. Russia should be proud of Ilya Kovalchuk's heroic efforts. At one point, I thought he'd single handedly be the hero for Russia and the spoiler for USA. Also, hockey fans got their first look at "the next big thing" #1 draft pick Ovechkin. He looked really physically large on the ice.

In other news... The Swedes who were favored to win the European "division" just lost their game against the Czech Republic 6-1. Reports from ESPN say that the Swedes even got booed out of their own home Globe Arena.

"It doesn't matter what you do in the prelims" says Peter Stasny GM of Team Slovakia paraphrased by ESPN reporters. "All that matters is how well you do from now on."

He's right.
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