Sunday, October 03, 2004

EVEn the best screw up once in a while!

I got a reply from an apparent reader not too long ago. Her name is Eve and she expressed her feelings regarding a missing post on my blog here. To be quite honest, she broke my heart with it's honest assessment.

I decided to give her Diary blog a run through. She seems quite the catch! She's a gorgeous, Sylvia Plath reading Montreal resident, with a mouth that only a bar of soap could fix. Imagine a Candace Bushnell/Courtney Love amalgam. I bet she would fit right in with the "Sex and the City" group. I pity the poor soul who recently stood her up! He may have a stiletto aimed for his noggin as I type this.

As it turns out after I email her, she admits to at one time to reading my blog. She even said a few nice things in early September about it and me on her blog. That really made me feel awful for dropping the ball on my World Cup 2004 coverage. Truth be told, I was also heavily involved with trying to find a new job and merely let the post-game comments slide. So, I fixed it.

I hope that "eccentric" Eve comes back once in a while despite a lowered interest in hockey now that the lockout has lasted for a while. If she doesn't, well... I guess that makes 4 of you readers left?
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