Friday, October 15, 2004

I should be in Ontario right now

Shhhh... quiet! Do you hear that sound? No? What you don't hear is the sound of vulcanized rubber dropping on a flat ice surface!

People are starting to take notice of the silence as some national news services have been mentioning the lockout and how Opening Day was missed on Oct. 11th. Comedian Jay Leno suggested that people should now refer to the "Jerry Springer Show to see a bunch of white guys with no teeth".

The plan was that I had the chance to get to see Opening Day in Toronto with Press Passes and everything. Working with my friend Dan and I, we were the first in line with the press credentials. We were going to get there and make a two day trip of it like visiting the Hall of Fame and such, but as it turns out, the League shuts down on us.

I wonder how much of a good time I would've had watching the Sens v. Leafs! It might have gone something like this... here's a "fantasy media lead" from MSNBC via All Things Canadian
"We've got an update from Ottawa, where the Montreal Canadiens and Senators are six minutes into the first period and Ottawa goalie Dominik Hasek has yet to pull his groin. We'll keep you posted as this story develops."
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