Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Leagues die off, but others try!

Since the attempts at new hockey likes like the World Hockey Association and Original Stars Hockey League have gone the way of the dinasaur, one would think that it would discourage others to try. But not Mario Lemieux's brother Alain.

According to this Pittsburgh Post Gazette article, A league to be set up as an equivalent to the ECHL in talent, but be an alternative for those hockey players who simply find themselves out a roster spot because of the NHL veterans looking for work during the lock-out. The teams would have a roster of 15 players plus 2 goalies. Plus there is an idea of a 3 inactive players caled the "taxi squad", a list of local players who may be used if needed.

The best thing about the league is that they may have the home office in Pittsburgh and a franchise. They also to expect to have teams (according to this article) in York, Jamestown, N.Y., two Michigan towns, Sault Ste. Marie and Traverse City.

The Pittsburgh team named the Pittsburgh Patriots do not have any ties to Alain, but Alain Lemieux may become the Commissioner of the International Hockey Association in the initial set up.
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