Monday, December 13, 2004

Holidays for the Hockey fan

I would like to send a brief shout out to my new friend Alana for being a reader to this hockey blog. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a very happy holiday season.

Speaking of the holidays, I thought that since the time of gift-buying is winding down to about one more week left, perhaps I should give holiday gift buying tips for that hockey fan you may have in your family. Personally, I try to put a lot of thought into whatever gifts I purchase during this time. But for those of my readers who may wait until the last minute for gift buying, without further delay, I present the
Hockey Fan Presents Checklist

  • The hockey jersey: This would be tops on any hockey fan's wish list, but most hockey fans probably already own a hockey jersey or two. (I own 8 jerseys.) A thoughtful gift item may be the classic throwback jersey of the fan's favorite team or an all-star edition. International jerseys are also popular. Show some patriotic pride and buy a World Cup jersey of team USA or Canada. If you are proud of your family's ethnicity, you could also try a European team jersey. (But stay away from the old Russian Army team jerseys. People get beat up wearing "CCCP".)
  • Hockey Equipment: If it's not enough to watch hockey and follow the sport, it's also a need among fans to be like their heroes and actually play the game. Look around in the sporting goods stores for some of the more less expensive equipment that are sold. A nice night glow street hockey puck or some special stick tape may be an idea for the stocking stuffer. Gloves can get worn and smelly over time, so there's always a need for new hockey gloves.
  • Commemorative hockey pucks: A hockey fan loves to display their collections and look at them remembering some fantastic sports moment. I have a small collection of hockey pucks and do want more. All-Star pucks, Stanley Cup series pucks, milestone goal scoring pucks, inaugural year pucks or simply artistic pucks are a great gift. I have a puck commemorating the first season of the New Haven Knights of the UHL, sadly it was their only season. Of course, having the puck autographed is also an excellent idea and raises the monetary resale value.
  • Autographs: hockey fans love to show off their collections to other fans as stated in the previous category. Most hockey fans have a favorite player (and the "puck bunnies" will like the cutest player). Reputable internet auction sites offer a variety of sporting goods stores that sell photos or other mementos with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Hockey Tickets: Okay, so the NHL probably won't be playing over the Christmas holiday, but the other minor leagues or colleges are playing a regular schedule. A hockey fan is probably still coping with the "lockout blues," but treat that fan to a road trip. Perhaps a trip to Toronto and the Hockey Hall of Fame would be good.
  • Videos and DVD's: Memories last a lifetime, but a DVD of that cherished or historical goal can make a great gift. Many teams have already started to put their championship highlights on DVD. Of course, there are some movies out there with that hockey theme. The Disney adaptation "Miracle" is about the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team and is available in stores. "Mystery, Alaska" is a good movie you can take a date to see, but offers the utopia of an entire town devoted to the game of hockey. However, you can't go wrong with the anniversary edition of "Slapshot" starring Paul Newman and the Hanson Brothers (no, not those teens with the annoying "mmm-bop" song).
  • Video Games: Chances are that hockey fans may already have their favorite hockey game and they might have already broken dates off by playing too much hockey on their video game consoles. New hockey games come out once a year and feature the new rosters for that season. It's worth it!

Well, that's the best I can think of when buying for that special hockey fan in your life. Hurry up! If you haven't purchased anything soon, it will all be sold out!
Here's an additional hint for the holidays. If you've got a great computer and printer, many computer programs are available to make greeting cards from photoshops or digital picture scanners. It would certainly brighten a hockey fan's holiday if you send a hand-made greeting card in the mail featuring a favorite player or team on the card!
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