Friday, December 24, 2004

Steve Moore Not Filled With Holiday Spirit

I went to go look up my buddy Don's website called All Things Canadian and I read about the "impact statement" that Steve Moore was asked to give when this assailant Todd Bertuzzi had viciously attacked him in a game last season. Don printed some of the statement on his website and I felt the need to post a reply. Then, I decided to convey my feelings here. This is what the end of the statement by Steve said:
I would respectfully request that should I regain my health and someday be able to get back to playing, that Todd Bertuzzi never be permitted to participate in any sporting activity in which I am competing.

I was disappointed and felt that Steve must not be finished healing from his possible career ending injuries. It's pretty clear to me that Steve has become very bitter towards Bertuzzi and maybe borders on hate.
Steve, though I think it was terrible and tragic about what happened to you, I would advise you Steve to find it in your heart to forgive Todd eventually. I can understand that you're in great pain. I believe that with a little faith, you can begin to heal on the inside as well if you can only find a way to forgive.
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