Saturday, December 25, 2004

Washington Capitals Insider Information

I got a chance to talk with my "Washington Insider" this weekend. It was hard to get information out of him this time around because he knows I'm also a journalist. But, I started up some conversation about the #1 draft pick Alex Ovechkin and a little bit about the NHL lockout. Here's a summary about what was said.

When I inquired about Ovechkin, he said that he was expected to dominate in the upcoming World Junior Championships in North Dakota tonight. The matchups were more in his favor against "kids his own age." I suspect that they're going to watch him really carefully and not rush his development. Then, I inquired about some of the other players signed and playing for the AHL Portland Pirates. He said that the company had been really trying to keep up morale and sent them all on a chartered trip to Portland, ME to watch them play. Interesting! Then, I asked him if he was concerned for his job. Luckily, he took it as the joke that I meant it and supplemented it with the news that the Sabre's recently laid off a few people before Christmas. He said that there have been layoffs, but it's just been the people who work maintenance on the Arena. Zamboni drivers, ticket takers, ushers, concessionaires have been all excused. I guess his front office job is safe.

I'm a little behind, I know. Things have gotten crazy here with the holiday situation. I intend on updating you all about the other minors and junior leagues going on sometime before the new year.

I only got 2 hockey related presents this year. My friend in TX sent me NHL 2005 for Playstation 2 via Amazon and my brother was thoughtful enough to buy me Total NHL, a hockey encyclopedia.
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