Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Canada Dominates 2005 World Juniors Championship

Let me take you back to last year's debacle of 2004's World Junior Championships. In the third period in the final tournament game against the USA team, phenom goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury attempts a clearing pass with 5+ minutes to go. Fleury miffs the pass up ice and a USA player slams the winning goal home. Canadian hockey fans were pissed! They lost to their rival USA who was practically their equal at every level.

This year, the Russians, armed with "#1 and #2" Ovechkin and Malkin made it to the final round against Team Canada. They were both able to score in the earlier rounds so lighting the lamp wasn't that difficult.
Only the finals turned out to be one lopsided show for Team Canada. They won big this year! Six to one. Bruins prospect Patrice "Bergie" Bergeron got a powerplay goal and Dion Phaneuf, Calgary's prospect netted another.

Ovechkin reportedly hurt his shoulder in the second period and did not return. I guess that new visor he wore didn't help him see any better. Now he's a concern for the Washington Capitals who are banking on him to play whenever the NHL decides to get their collective heads outa their behind.

Team Russia and Canada have met twice in the finals before USA surprised everybody last year in Finland. This year, the game was in Grand Forks, ND, USA and according to Yahoo! Sports, they said that there were plenty of Canada hockey fans who made it feel like it was a home game for them.
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